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Ethics Committee

“Ethics is responsibility for everything that lives, extended to the limitless.”

Albert Schweitzer

Since the inception of the Urtikaria Association, pharma-independent, value-based and transparent action has been the top priority.  

 New challenges and developments in medicine and science keep raising new questions, the answers to which need to be carefully considered.   

 It takes courage to engage in an open discussion about the “right way” and to take on a pioneering role. The Urtikaria Association is committed to the need for morally responsible action in all areas of activity in counselling, science & research and cooperations.  

 The Ethics Committee is a forum for ethical issues of the Urtikaria Association.  

It supports us in bringing our aspired values to life for our Board, our members, our partners and supporters and organisations. Values are the qualities we strive for, they show us the right path we need to take in order to preserve and protect people’s well-being and health together. The interests of the people concerned are our highest good, the improvement of their situation is our main concern. The Ethics Committee also helps people and organisations to work independently.  

The Ethics Committee acts voluntarily, in an unpaid role and free of directives. The members are bound to discretion. It is an independent forum with members from the health sector and people working in non-medical fields. If necessary, advisory persons who are active in the Association and outside the Association can be involved in an advisory role. 

The Ethics Commitee’s tasks:  

  • To promote ethical awareness and support the ethical issues of the members of the Association 
  • Advising and developing recommendations on ethical issues for the Board of Directors  
  • Evaluation and ongoing development of the ethical mission statement of the Urtikaria Association 

The Ethics Committee excludes the evaluation of technical and judicial questions and only gives recommendations for the ethical dimension of concrete issues. 

The Ethics Committee can be reached at the following e-mail address:

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