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Heat Urticaria  

Here, too, the name lives up to its name. The heat is the trigger for the unpleasant wheals. When we snuggle up in our warm bed in the evening, the resulting itching can rob us of sleep and many a nerve. Wakeful nights are often the result. Warm water, the hot bathtub after a walk in winter or the hot shower after a hard day at work can trigger this urticaria. Even the soothing hot water bottle, applied to the skin, can have unpleasant consequences. So can clothing that keeps us too warm. Blow-drying hair is just as much a possible trigger as touching warm and hot surfaces. Cooking – if it is particularly steamy – can also be stressful. Unfortunately, one has to do without the much-loved sauna sessions or steam baths. In general, any kind of heat above a certain temperature – which is different for everyone – can lead to wheal formation.

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