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“Only those who know where they are going know which wind is good.”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

We are the first and only independent patient organization dedicated exclusively to the topic of urticaria. We draw our strong motivation from personal experience with our own illness stories with urticaria. Deplorable conditions such as a lack of pharma-independent information, no independent contact points for sufferers of urticaria, far too little sound knowledge among sufferers and professionals, and few treatment options necessitated the founding of the Urticaria Association as a serious and sustainable center and platform for all questions concerning life with urticaria. 


We know how difficult it is to live with hives, bring the necessary knowledge for professional advice. Only someone who knows how the rabbit runs can also advocate accordingly. We have also experienced first hand that there are possibilities on different levels to influence the positive course of the disease. We pass on this knowledge paired with information on empirical evidence-based medicine to those affected within the framework of our worldwide network.


Our patient organization advises affected people, networks worldwide analogously and digitally, is a critical listener and participant, and asks uncomfortable questions in the interest of those affected. We accompany people throughout their lives with urticaria, support self-care and the assumption of self-responsibility, and advocate for improved and faster treatment and help for those affected. In addition, we see it as our duty to help bring about the necessary changes at the political level through intensive public relations work. We network with experts from various competence centers around the world, deal with current relevant studies and publish an attractive journal for all interested parties.

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