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Pressure urticaria  

In pressure urticaria, as the word nicely describes, pressure triggers the urticaria. This can be any pressure that is applied to the skin. Be it the handbag that you carry over your shoulder and whose straps exert some pressure on the skin. Or a belt that is buckled a little tighter. Likewise, a bra that fits tightly can leave marks on the skin that cause pressure urticaria. But also the straps of socks can be such a trigger or the well laced sports shoes or sneakers. When measuring blood pressure, the pressure caused by the cuff can also be too strong and cause urticaria. However, there are cases when sitting on a hard surface for a longer period of time is sufficient. Wearing (harder) shoe insoles can also have consequences.  Pressure urticaria is particularly unpleasant because certain things cannot be easily avoided. What you can pay attention to, what is worth changing, we describe in more detail here: 

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