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Dr. SJ

I would like to thank you once again for the very competent and very pleasant initial consultation with Silvie Gross. I am really very happy that I found this association, even after this already quite gruelling marathon of doctors that I am currently going through because of my chronic urticaria and my MCAS suspicion and the current attack. In this consultation I finally felt taken seriously and understood and not as a 0815 number, a blessing for my battered urticaria soul :-).

And I got so many useful tips to follow up on, I couldn’t keep up with the writing. I like the way the disease is dealt with, as it is completely in line with my own. I had the feeling that both conventional and complementary medicine are options, that the complexity is recognised, that it is also seen that every path is individual, that a broad wealth of experience can be drawn on and that men/women can get a lot out of what they hear in the counselling, because it is also very much about facts, about science, about experience, about arguments, about a differentiated view and at the same time in a very pleasant way.

All respect for what is voluntarily done here, just to help, hats off! I was also referred to the online magazine, which was very productive and informative. And I was able to take away so much from the counselling: an MCAS association contact, a contact with a doctor who knows a lot about micronutrients, a dentist who has a holistic approach, I got the hint of a new AH, there was reflection on OFF label medicines, there was a hint of a pure substance I didn’t know about yet, there was also talk about parasites, about possibilities and where I can report back if I had side effects from Xolair and Pfizer, there was a book tip and another contact to a doctor who “thinks outside the box” and what I can perhaps expect from some addresses and what not.

Silvie Gross is an impressive, very competent and very committed woman and I felt much better after the conversation than before. And confidence is very, very important in this difficult disease. Thank you for that!

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