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Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot

Plagued by unbearable itching, I booked a nutritional consultation with Christina Himmetzberger. That was the best decision! Since the introduction of the basic rotation plan, my quality of life has changed decisively for the better. It is well known that the disease is a heavy psychological burden. The empathetic, understanding communication was all the more important. When things were tough, she motivated and encouraged me to persevere with discipline. I was prepared for the setbacks that always occurred and was therefore able to accept them relatively calmly. Structured, wise and careful introduction of new foods enrich my menu more and more.

I appreciate Christina’s profound training, knowledge and great personal commitment. I feel that it is her personal concern that I as a client get better from week to week. I always received a prompt answer to questions, no matter what time it was, weekday or Sunday.

I could never have done it alone and I am infinitely grateful to have such a competent, empathetic nutritionist by my side!

God bless you, dear Christina!

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