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Urticaria Association

Urticaria is the center of our attention.



We are a longer-standing group that aims to advocate for better treatment for people with urticaria. For this purpose we have foundet the unindepended Urticaria Association. After four years of intensive work and in order to better pursue our goals worldwide, we have founded the Global Urticaria Association, which is aimed at all people all over the world who suffer from urticaria.



In our counselling centre, we provide advice on all topics related to living with urticaria in various european countries. We offer events throughout the year. In our Magain INCENDI, patients can find all valuable information about living with urticaria as well as everything that promotes health and well-being.



We have learned about the weaknesses of the global systems in treating Urticaria. That’s why we want to actively contribute to making the world a little bit better for people suffering from urticaria and angioedema. We are committed to this with all of our ressources and competences in the various areas required for this.


What is Urticaria?

Redness forms on the skin. These can easily rise up. They can be very small, the size of pinheads, or they can cover a large area, even the size of a palm. Sometimes it seems as if the rednesses flow into each other. They can appear from head to toe. They can also appear in the genital area. Some of them itch terribly. Others burn like fire. In rare cases, neither is true.

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Support us and help us with your donation. Thank you very much! You get a deductible invoise.

INCENDI – The Urticaria-Magazine

INCENDI revolves around all types of urticaria, angioedema, intolerances, allergies, pseudoallergies, the importance of nutrition, the causes of diseases and the potential influence of environmental toxins. We also highlight the possibilities of integrative medicine as an alternative or complementary treatment.
The medical articles are written exclusively by international and top-class experts in urticaria and all other relevant fields. In keeping with the times, we also pursue the focus of digital technologies in the field of medicine and in collaboration international experts in medical ethics. In conjunction with our “White List”, those affected in INCENDI regularly receive recommendations for exclusively sustainable as well as health-promoting products, as the market is very confusing, ingredients can often no longer be traced or the influence of various factors is often unclear.

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Urticaria consultation

We help you in all areas of life affected by urticaria. No matter whether it is about medical care, alternative treatment options, problems at work, partnership issues or dealing with authorities and offices. We help you where you can no longer. All our counsellors have suffered from urticaria themselves and therefore know exactly what is involved in everyday life with urticaria. We are genuine, authentic and professionally trained.

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What our members say

Nach jahrelanger Qual und erfolgloser Ursachensuche bin ich auf den Urtikariaverband gestoßen. Nach einem tollen Erstgespräch und einem Verdacht (meinerseits) von Histaminintoleranz wurde ich an die Ernährungsberaterin Christina verwiesen. Nachdem ich 1 Monat genaue Aufzeichnungen geführt habe, hat sie mein Problem erkannt. Ich bekam eine hervorragende Beratung mit ausführlichen Unterlagen und Rezepten, sodass ich mich relativ schnell an die Ernährungsumstellung gewöhnen konnte. Bei Fragen kann ich mich jederzeit an sie wenden und ich bin sehr dankbar für ihre Hilfe. Meine Urtikaria hab ich seitdem super im Griff und ich empfehle das Team jedem der daran leidet. Ohne euch würde ich immer noch im Dunkeln tappen auf der Ursachesuche 🙂 DANKE

Kerstin S.

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Only together can we achieve our goals and only together are we strong across countries. Help us and become a member of the Urtikaria Association <3.
With your membership you strengthen our community and also help to maintain the ongoing operation of the association as well as to drive new projects forward. We pursue noble goals and implement them step by step. The results of the last two years are impressive. The counselling successes of those affected now speak for themselves.

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Amazon reserves 0.5% of the purchase value for the Urtikaria Association at no extra cost to you. In this way, you not only help us to advance individual projects, but also to maintain the ongoing operation of the Urtikaria Association for those affected.

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