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Urticaria Association

Urticaria is the center of our attention.



We are a longer-standing group that aims to advocate for better treatment for people with urticaria. For this purpose we have foundet the unindepended Urticaria Association. After four years of intensive work and in order to better pursue our goals worldwide, we have founded the Global Urticaria Association, which is aimed at all people all over the world who suffer from urticaria.



In our counselling centre, we provide advice on all topics related to living with urticaria in various european countries. We offer events throughout the year. In our Magain INCENDI, patients can find all valuable information about living with urticaria as well as everything that promotes health and well-being.



We have learned about the weaknesses of the global systems in treating Urticaria. That’s why we want to actively contribute to making the world a little bit better for people suffering from urticaria and angioedema. We are committed to this with all of our ressources and competences in the various areas required for this.


What is Urticaria?

Redness forms on the skin. These can easily rise up. They can be very small, the size of pinheads, or they can cover a large area, even the size of a palm. Sometimes it seems as if the rednesses flow into each other. They can appear from head to toe. They can also appear in the genital area. Some of them itch terribly. Others burn like fire. In rare cases, neither is true.

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INCENDI – The Urticaria-Magazine

INCENDI revolves around all types of urticaria, angioedema, intolerances, allergies, pseudoallergies, the importance of nutrition, the causes of diseases and the potential influence of environmental toxins. We also highlight the possibilities of integrative medicine as an alternative or complementary treatment.
The medical articles are written exclusively by international and top-class experts in urticaria and all other relevant fields. In keeping with the times, we also pursue the focus of digital technologies in the field of medicine and in collaboration international experts in medical ethics. In conjunction with our “White List”, those affected in INCENDI regularly receive recommendations for exclusively sustainable as well as health-promoting products, as the market is very confusing, ingredients can often no longer be traced or the influence of various factors is often unclear.

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Urticaria consultation

We help you in all areas of life affected by urticaria. No matter whether it is about medical care, alternative treatment options, problems at work, partnership issues or dealing with authorities and offices. We help you where you can no longer. All our counsellors have suffered from urticaria themselves and therefore know exactly what is involved in everyday life with urticaria. We are genuine, authentic and professionally trained.

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Booking an online consultation

What our members say

I would like to thank you once again for the very competent and very pleasant initial consultation with Silvie Gross. I am really very happy that I found this association, even after this already quite gruelling marathon of doctors that I am currently going through because of my chronic urticaria and my MCAS suspicion and the current attack. In this consultation I finally felt taken seriously and understood and not as a 0815 number, a blessing for my battered urticaria soul :-).

And I got so many useful tips to follow up on, I couldn't keep up with the writing. I like the way the disease is dealt with, as it is completely in line with my own. I had the feeling that both conventional and complementary medicine are options, that the complexity is recognised, that it is also seen that every path is individual, that a broad wealth of experience can be drawn on and that men/women can get a lot out of what they hear in the counselling, because it is also very much about facts, about science, about experience, about arguments, about a differentiated view and at the same time in a very pleasant way.

All respect for what is voluntarily done here, just to help, hats off! I was also referred to the online magazine, which was very productive and informative. And I was able to take away so much from the counselling: an MCAS association contact, a contact with a doctor who knows a lot about micronutrients, a dentist who has a holistic approach, I got the hint of a new AH, there was reflection on OFF label medicines, there was a hint of a pure substance I didn't know about yet, there was also talk about parasites, about possibilities and where I can report back if I had side effects from Xolair and Pfizer, there was a book tip and another contact to a doctor who "thinks outside the box" and what I can perhaps expect from some addresses and what not.

Silvie Gross is an impressive, very competent and very committed woman and I felt much better after the conversation than before. And confidence is very, very important in this difficult disease. Thank you for that!

Dr. SJ

Ms Tina Himmetzberger looked after me for many weeks with good recommendations and advice. The diet she put together especially for me helped me to deal with my urticaria, which resulted in a great improvement in my symptoms. I am infinitely grateful to Tina and can only recommend her to other urticaria sufferers and wish her continued success!

Christa Roeder

It's the first time I've had a reaction to a medicine. I don't ever want to go through that time again like I did almost 20 years ago with bad episodes and angioedema and I found Silvie's advice very helpful on what to look out for in the future. Thank you again!"

"I came across the Instagram page of the Urticaria Association by chance back then. I remember being desperate for help as my urticaria was bringing me to my knees. After no doctor could really help me, this was a ray of hope for me. Even though I have not been a member of the Urticaria Association for long, I was not only helped but also comforted and given hope. They really take time for the members and give advice and help at every point. I have received so many tips and advice and it has greatly increased my knowledge of the disease. It really is a blessing for people with urticaria that there are people who put all their effort, energy and knowledge into helping people like me. Thank you so much for that!!!"

"I would like to thank you very much for the professional and extremely empathetic counselling. I had absolutely no contact with the topic of hives before and I came across the opportunity for a consultation about it via the website. My concerns were taken seriously and I received some helpful tips that made it easier for me to better understand my body's reaction. Thank you very much for this."

Plagued by unbearable itching, I booked a nutritional consultation with Christina Himmetzberger. That was the best decision! Since the introduction of the basic rotation plan, my quality of life has changed decisively for the better. It is well known that the disease is a heavy psychological burden. The empathetic, understanding communication was all the more important. When things were tough, she motivated and encouraged me to persevere with discipline. I was prepared for the setbacks that always occurred and was therefore able to accept them relatively calmly. Structured, wise and careful introduction of new foods enrich my menu more and more.

I appreciate Christina's profound training, knowledge and great personal commitment. I feel that it is her personal concern that I as a client get better from week to week. I always received a prompt answer to questions, no matter what time it was, weekday or Sunday.

I could never have done it alone and I am infinitely grateful to have such a competent, empathetic nutritionist by my side!

God bless you, dear Christina!

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