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Vision, Mission und Values

“In the mirror a man, recognise yourself, daring into life, call of freedom fills your soul, the night is calm and clear, order of your own reason, a smile for the world, balance of reality and your dreams, eyes full of longing, warmth envelops your heart and you are happy, for your worth is infinite to this world.”

J. Bauer


We wish for a world in which chronic diseases with a high level of physical and psychological suffering are taken seriously. Every day, we work towards the end of taboos in society and more scientific attention. We serve as a central contact point where everyone feels well taken care of.

Our wish is a common path that we can follow with all those involved – for those affected.


We have a special mission:
In today’s age of information overload, it is difficult for those affected to find all the important information on their issues in a bundled form. On our platforms, we want to bundle information, prepare it and make it available to everyone in an accessible, understandable and up-to-date way. Behind these mammoth tasks is a team of stakeholders that brings all the responsible persons from the different areas to one table.


Health is man’s most precious commodity. Sometimes it gets out of balance.
The non-profit association was founded for and by people suffering from the different variants of urticaria. We are a strong, reliable and faithful companion. We work transparently and independently. We act for the benefit of people. Health is to be protected and preserved.

Our work is directed towards the common good and we are committed to a common good economy. Sustainability and the protection of our environment are important values, as our health is also promoted by an intact environment.

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