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Water Urticaria

Or aquagenic urticaria is triggered by contact with water, as the name also suggests. This form of urticaria is said to be very rare. Only a few cases are reportedly documented worldwide. Wherever contact with water is required, life can become a challenge. There are ointments that can be applied before showering that should provide some protection. It is also recommended to take antihistamines before showering. Most often, urticaria affects the upper extremities.

Irradiation (UVA, UVB) has also helped some sufferers.

Water urticaria must be differentiated from cholinergic or cold urticaria. Therefore, as with all types of urticaria, a thorough history is important. Water urticaria is also distinguished from aquagenic pruritus. In this case, severe itching also occurs after brief contact with water without wheals.

The umbrella or protective clothing is of particular importance for those affected by this form of urticaria.

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